645AR, The Most Bizarre Rapper on the Internet

Caleb Catlin
5 min readJan 16, 2020
645AR- 4 Da Trap

When I first heard “Flatbed Freestyle” by Playboi Carti, I was so confused. The odd, looped beat was already eyebrow-raising but then you add Carti’s infamous baby voiced raps. It took me a while to fully get on board with Flatbed Freestyle because of how strange it was. Admittedly, I was strongly opposed to it on first listen. Even though I was only 18 when it came out, I genuinely felt like an old man, yelling at others for listening to incoherent noise. However, as more time went on, I really became hypnotized by the record. Carti’s strange vocal manipulation added an insanely likable dynamic and texture to his repertoire of catchy collection of songs on Die Lit. After “Kid Cudi”, a leaked track with Carti and Atlanta based rapper Young Nudy, surfaced on the internet (for the love of god, please release it officially on DSPs), I was fully on board with the genre of weirdly likable Rugrat rap songs. With the arrival of 645AR, we have an intimidating new addition to the Playboi Carti inspired style of rap.

I have absolutely no clue if I actually LIKE 645AR or not. I think I’m more fascinated by him more than anything. His voice is very reminiscent of Mickey Mouse but somehow even squeakier at points. I saw someone say that he raps like a mosquito and I may not know what that means but it makes a lot of sense. Whether you like him or not, one thing you can’t say is he isn’t unique.

One thing that always frustrated me with people and “mumble rap” is that people would claim they wouldn’t know what these artists are saying. They’d claim that Lil Yachty, Young Thug, or Future would be mumbling, which simply isn’t true. You need a new set of ears if you can’t understand what Uzi is saying. With 645AR, however, I had never felt like more of a deaf grandfather than I did when hearing his newest song “4